Julio C. Machado de Oliveira

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The purpose of this prospective study was to evaluate the incidence of postoperative pain after intracanal procedures based on an antimicrobial strategy. Data were examined from 627 teeth that had necrotic pulps or required retreatment. Information was obtained for each patient treated with regard to presence of preoperative pain. Occurrence of(More)
INTRODUCTION This study compared the mechanical properties of 3 pathfinding endodontic instruments. METHODS The test instruments were subjected to mechanical tests to evaluate resistance to bending (flexibility), buckling, cyclic fatigue, and torsional load in clockwise rotation. Data were statistically evaluated by analysis of variance and the(More)
Adresa za dopisivanje José Claudio Provenzano, DDS, MSc Rua Lins de Vasconcellos, 195 casa 9 Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil 20710-130 odontojcp@gmail.com Sažetak Svrha istraživanja bila je ocijeniti i usporediti antibakterijsku učinkovitost pet retrogradnih punila korijenskih kanala. Materijal i metode: Metodom difuzije u agru ocijenjena je zona inhibicije(More)
Bacteria in infected root canals of teeth evincing chronic apical periodontitis lesions were identified by a polymerase chain reaction–denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (PCR-DGGE) approach. DNA was extracted from root canal samples, and part of the 16S rRNA gene of all bacteria was amplified by PCR and separated by DGGE, generating banding patterns(More)
This study evaluated the incidence of postoperative pain after intracanal dressings with either 0.12% chlorhexidine digluconate gel (CHX) or a calcium hydroxide/camphorated paramonochlorophenol/glycerin paste (CH/CPMC). Overall, 138 asymptomatic teeth had their canals instrumented under irrigation with 2.5% NaOCl and then dressed with either CH/CPMC or CHX.(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of serum and necrotic soft tissue on the antimicrobial activity of intracanal medicaments. The medicaments tested were: calcium hydroxyde/glycerin paste, calcium hydroxide/chlorhexidine paste, calcium hydroxide/camphorated paramonochlorophenol/glycerin paste, and chlorhexidine/zinc oxide paste.(More)
INTRODUCTION This study evaluated the influence of flexibility and reciprocating movement on the fatigue life of endodontic instruments subjected to static and dynamic tests. METHODS The rotary nickel-titanium instruments used in this study were Reciproc and Mtwo. The instruments were initially subjected to a cantilever-bending test and then to static and(More)
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