Julio C. G. Pimentel

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A six years old boy was admitted to Hospital D. Estef~nia because of generalized tonic-clonic seizures. He had a seven months history of progressive incoordination of gait, deterioration of school performance, irritability and poor vision. On examination the child was comatose and his skin had a brownish colour. He withdraw from painful stimuli with(More)
In a previous publication the writers described a new pulmonary disease in rural workers who sprayed vineyards with Bordeaux Mixture, a copper sulfate solution neutralized with hydrated lime for the prevention of mildew. The study of the liver of these patients at autopsy and percutaneous biopsy revealed histiocytic and noncaseating granulomas containing(More)
Development of digital simulators for transient analysis of electric power systems has been the subject of many research works during the last four decades. In most studies, the simulation can be done off-line but in some particular situations, usually equipment testing, it may be mandatory to have the simulation executed in real time so that the(More)
Liver disease with inclusions of copper was recognized among 30 rural workers with "vineyard sprayer's lung." The pathological findings were varied: focal or diffuse swelling and proliferation of Kupffer cells; histiocytic and sarcoid-like granulomata; fibrosis of variable degree in the perisinusoidal, portal, and subcapsular areas, accompanied by atypical(More)
Seven patients exposed to the inhalation of synthetic fibres presented with various bronchopulmonary diseases, such as asthma, extrinsic allergic alveolitis, chronic bronchitis with bronchiectasis, spontaneous pneumothorax, and chronic pneumonia. The histological features are described and an attempt has been made to set up immunological techniques for the(More)