Julio César Viola

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Intraoperative rapid expansion in cleft palate repair increases surface area by distension of the palate and recruitment of the surrounding palate tissue. A 5-cc Foley catheter with the distal tip trimmed is employed as the tissue expander. Intraoperative rapid palate expansion is proposed for closure with less tension of large gaps between cleft borders.(More)
A graphical and analytical description of epileptic seizures based on amplitude modulation and frequency modulation components of intracranial EEG (iEEG) is proposed. This representation allows the characterization of seizures and their different stages from the iEEG by means of triangles whose vertexes are the centroids (cm) of the signal during preictal,(More)
Heterologous collagen matrix sponge has been used to prepare third-degree burn wounds for autologous skin graft. The porosity and the multiple connections among the interstices of the sponge enable ready ingrowth of endothelial and inflammatory cells. Heterologous collagen matrix sponge also increased the rate of formation of granulation tissue in burn(More)
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