Julio Barbancho

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Public utilities services (gas, water and electricity) have been traditionally automated with several technologies. The main functions that these technologies must support are AMR, automated meter reading, and SCADA, supervisory control and data acquisition. Most meter manufacturers provide devices with Bluetoothreg or ZigBeetrade communication features.(More)
— This paper introduces OLIMPO, an useful simulation tool for researchers who are developing wireless sensor communication protocols. OLIMPO is a discrete-event simulator design to be easily reconfigured by the user, providing a way to design, develop and test communication protocols. In particular, we have designed a self-organizing wireless sensor network(More)
The localization of the sensor nodes is a fundamental problem in wireless sensor networks. There are a lot of different kinds of solutions in the literature. Some of them use external devices like GPS, while others use special hardware or implicit parameters in wireless communications. In applications like wildlife localization in a natural environment,(More)