Julio Arreola

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3 This research explains the importance of transculturality in social networking in a wide variety of activities of our daily life. We focus our analysis to online activities that use social richness, analyzing societies in Yakutia (A Russian Republic), Macau in China, Uberlândia in Brazil and Juarez City in Mexico, all with people descending from Japanese(More)
Using multi-objective optimization to design parameters in electro-discharge machining by wire KEYWORD ABSTRACT Multi-objective optimization Genetic Algorithms Robust Design The following paper describes the main objective to follow the methodology used and proposed to obtain the optimal values of WEDM process operation on the machine Robofil 310 by robust(More)
The purpose of this research is to understand from a Multivariable optimization associated with the path of a group of vehicles integrated in a Community Caravan Range and determine the optimal route involve speed, storage and travel resources for determining the cost benefit have partnered with a travel plan, which has as principal basis the orography(More)
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