Julio A Romero

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A vectorial theory that brings new insight into the nature of diffraction is used to obtain mathematical expressions that evaluate diffraction patterns in the near field. The equations allow us to discriminate between the contributions of the vectorial and the scalar approaches. In the near field we studied the pattern of light diffracted through a circular(More)
A vectorial equation that describes the Huygens principle was reported, and an expression for the secondary-spherical-wave energy density was found. With a vectorial formulation, we performed an exact calculation for the relative axial intensity of the wave diffracted by an illuminated circular aperture. The off-axis intensity in Fresnel's and Fraunhofer's(More)
The cooling system of the race-track microtron (RTM), which is under construction at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), has been simulated by means of a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. The hydraulic and thermal performance of the system for various operation conditions has been studied. Firstly, the hydraulic model has been(More)
A lumped parameter model for tokamak plasma current and inductance time evolution as a function of plasma resistance, non-inductive current drive sources and boundary voltage or poloidal field coil current drive is presented. The model includes a novel formulation leading to exact equations for internal inductance and plasma current dynamics. Having in mind(More)
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