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Habitat determinants of golden‐headed lion tamarin (Leontopithecus chrysomelas) occupancy of cacao agroforests: Gloomy conservation prospects for management intensification
Organismal distributions in human‐modified landscapes largely depend on the capacity of any given species to adapt to changes in habitat structure and quality. The golden‐headed lion tamarin (GHLT;Expand
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Breeding biology of Neotropical Accipitriformes: current knowledge and research priorities
Despite the key role that knowledge on breeding biology of Accipitriformes plays in their management and conservation, survey of the state-of-the-art and of information gaps spanning the entireExpand
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Geographical variation and current knowledge on breeding patterns of Neotropical accipitrid raptors
Avian life-history studies are mostly restricted to the latitudinal paradigm of clutch-size variation, ignoring the value of trade-offs between the different parameters. One of these parameters isExpand
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Peregrine falcons capture fish in Brazil
This note first describes two instances of Peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus tundrius) capturing fish in different places in Brazil. The first record was in the Ibirapuera Park, municipality of SaoExpand
Geographical variation and current knowledge on breeding traits of vultures in the neotropics
New World vultures (Cathartidae) have essential roles in ecosystem functioning, but are susceptible to increasing anthropogenic impacts. Knowledge of several breeding, behavioral, and distributionalExpand
Diet specialisation reduces the occupancy of cocoa agroforests by diurnal raptors
Summary Habitat loss and fragmentation, especially due to agriculture expansion, pose the main threats to biodiversity conservation. While some species are able to survive and proliferate inExpand
Salud de los ecosistemas
Compilacion de notas acerca de “Salud de los Ecosistemas” y de la Propuesta Pedagogica “Esperanza y Alegremia”, escritas con la conviccion de que en cada ser humano anida el sentimiento deExpand