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For IP-over-WDM networks, optical coarse packet switching (OCPS) has been proposed to circumvent optical packet switching limitations by using in-band-controlled per-burst switching and advocating traffic control enforcement to achieve high bandwidth utilization and quality-of-service (QoS). In this paper, we first introduce the OCPS paradigm.(More)
Optical Packet Switching (OPS) has been envisioned as a prominent future optical networking technology for datacentric IP over Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) networks, or optical Internet. Such OPS technology however raises significant transport and Quality of Service (QoS) challenges due to technological limitations. To circumvent OPS limitations,(More)
In this paper, we first introduce an optical coarse packet switching (OCPS) paradigm. In principle, OCPS advocates the enforcement of traffic engineering and control to realize bandwidth-on-demand on sub-wavelength basis while circumventing optical packet switching limitations. Based on OCPS, we have constructed an experimental optical IP-over-WDM network(More)
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