Julijana Vuchkova

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Albuminuria in nephrotic states is thought to arise from the formation of large pores in the glomerular capillary wall as large hydrodynamic probes, like Ficoll, have increased fractional clearance. In the present study, we tested for large pore formation in a novel manner. We accounted for the rates of plasma elimination as determined for tritium-labeled(More)
Inhibition of the degradation of filtered albumin has been proposed as a widespread, benign form of albuminuria. There have however been recent reports that radiolabeled albumin fragments in urine are not exclusively generated by the kidney and that in albuminuric states albumin fragment excretion is not inhibited. In order to resolve this controversy we(More)
In order to understand the mechanism of albuminuria we have explored how other plasma proteins are processed by the kidney as compared to inert molecules like Ficolls. When fractional clearances are plotted versus protein radius there is a remarkable parallelism between protein (molecular weight range 30-150kDa) clearance in healthy controls, in Dent's(More)
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