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Within the self-determination theory (Deci & Ryan, 2000) framework, research has considered the consequences of coaches' autonomy supportive and controlling behaviors on various athlete outcomes (e.g., motivation and performance). The antecedents of such behaviors, however, have received little attention. Coaches (N = 443) from a variety of sports and(More)
Embedded in the self-determination theory (Deci & Ryan, 2000) framework, we obtained self-report data from 418 paid and voluntary coaches from a variety of sports and competitive levels with the aim of exploring potential antecedents of coaches' perceived autonomy supportive and controlling behaviors. Controlling for socially desirable responses, structural(More)
The current study explored coaches' interpersonal behaviors as a mechanism for well- and ill-being contagion from coach to athlete and vice versa. Eighty-two coach-athlete dyads from individual sports completed selfreport measures before and after a training session. Structural equation modeling supported three actor-partner interdependence mediation(More)
The relationships of Rn levels in basements and first floors of homes to topographic location in a northeastern ridge and valley section of Pennsylvania were investigated. Topographic variables relating to elevation and slope were quantified and related to house Rn levels using both conventional and classification and regression tree (CART) analyses. The(More)
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