Juliette Rousselot

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The suprascapular nerve passes through the spinoglenoid notch with a risk of entrapment. This results in distal nerve lesion characterized by isolated paralysis of the infraspinatus muscle and, most often, by shoulder pain. We report 7 clinical and electromyographical cases of pure infraspinatus muscle paralysis. The value of the electrodiagnosis, which(More)
Asterixis is a involuntary movement with spontaneous interruptions and intermittent muscle tone. It occurs during posture maintenance. It is usually bilateral and, in this case, is observed in metabolic encephalopathy. Unilateral asterixis is more uncommon. We report 12 cases which occurred in patients with focal brain lesions. In all cases asterixis(More)
Interval timing refers to the ability to perceive, estimate and discriminate durations in the range of seconds to minutes. Very little is currently known about the ontogeny of interval timing throughout development. On the other hand, even though the neural circuit sustaining interval timing is a matter of debate, the striatum has been suggested to be an(More)
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