Juliette Dibie-Barthélemy

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In this paper, we present the design of ONDINE system which allows the loading and the querying of a data warehouse opened on the Web, guided by an Ontological and Terminological Resource (OTR). The data warehouse, composed of data tables extracted from Web documents, has been built to supplement existing local data sources. First, we present the main steps(More)
We propose an automatic system for annotating accurately data tables extracted from the web. This system is designed to provide additional data to an existing querying system called MIEL, which relies on a common vocabulary used to query local relational databases. We will use the same vocabulary, translated into an OWL ontology, to annotate the tables. Our(More)
Abstract. This paper presents a new ontology mapping method between a source ontology and a target one considered as a reference. Both ontologies are composed of triplets of the form (object, characteristic, value). Values describing the objects of the reference ontology are hierarchically organized using the a kind of relation. The proposed method(More)
The relational database model is widely used in real applications. We propose a way of complementing such a database with an XML data warehouse. The approach we propose is generic, and driven by a domain ontology. The XML data warehouse is built from data extracted from the Web, which are semantically tagged using terms belonging to the domain ontology. The(More)
A preliminary step in microbial risk assessment in foods is the gathering of experimental data. In the framework of the Sym'Previus project, we have designed a complete data integration system opened on the Web which allows a local database to be complemented by data extracted from the Web and annotated using a domain ontology. We focus on the Web data(More)