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Adult female chickens were force-fed a corn-soy base diet at 150% of the daily amount consumed by those allowed the same diet ad libitum. Other hens were force-fed diets isocaloric to the 150% group just mentioned, but diet composition was adjusted so that 2/3 of the metabolizable energy (M.E.) came from the corn-soy diet and 1/3 from either corn oil or(More)
Fatty liver-hemorrhagic syndrome (FLHS), a nutritional disorder previously reported only in laying chickens was induced in immature male and female chickens, 11 weeks of age, of broiler and egg-laying breeds. Force-feeding three times a day for 21 days, amounts of feed equal to 125% and 150% of ad libitum intake, produced a gradient response in hepatic(More)
A series of four experiments was conducted with a commercial strain of laying chickens in an attempt to experimentally produce Fatty Liver-Hemorrhagic syndrome (FLHS). Different dietary energy sources, environmental temperatures and feeding schedules were the experimental variables. Increasing the environmental temperature from 12.2 degrees C. (experiment(More)
This case involves a 13-year-old female who presented to the pediatrician for a routine check-up with complaints of a long history of intermittent diarrhea followed by a severe rash lasting for up to a week afterwards. The mother had described her daughter's condition to multiple physicians, several whom had seen her during flare-ups. The nonmigratory(More)