Juliet Willetts

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The Pacific Islands are vulnerable to climate change and increased risk of disasters not only because of their isolated and often low lying geographical setting but because of their economic status which renders them reliant on donor support. In a qualitative study exploring the adaptive capacity of Pacific Island Countries (PICs) across four countries,(More)
Non-government organisations (NGOs) have long played a role in delivering sanitation services to communities in Southeast Asia and Pacific countries, particularly in rural areas. In contrast with large scale infrastructure focused initiatives, NGO programs commonly focus on building linkages between technical and social realms. Drawing on the breadth and(More)
The economic principles and tools that are commonly applied to recover costs for urban water and sanitation arise from the dominant perspective of neoclassical economics. In this paper we argue that this perspective, with its emphasis on ‘full cost pricing’ based on the ‘user pays’ principle, is too limited for sustainability. We examine two other(More)
Decentralised systems have the potential to provide a viable option for long term sustainable management of household wastewater. Yet, at present, such systems hold an uncertain status and are frequently omitted from consideration. Their potential can only be realised with improved approaches to their management, and improved methods to decision-making in(More)
BACKGROUND There is a growing body of evidence that the impacts of climate change are affecting population health negatively. The Pacific region is particularly vulnerable to climate change; a strong health-care system is required to respond during times of disaster. This paper examines the capacity of the health sector in Pacific Island Countries to adapt(More)
The National Rural Faculty of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners received commonwealth funding between 2000-2002 to develop a rural medical family support project. There were three elements to this project: a counselling and communication skills or mentoring workshop for rural GP spouses in each state. The development of a resource kit of(More)
Effective strategic analysis of existing and potential services requires a framework which is relevant and understandable to both clinicians and senior managers. Our work with NHS trusts has developed a framework based on analysis of services into four principal service streams--emergency general hospital, non-emergency general hospital, specialist general(More)
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