Juliet Webster

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This study compares three types of project teams in a global high-tech organization: traditional (co-located), virtual (completely distributed), and ‘semi-virtual’ or hybrid (containing both local and remote members). We use in-group/out-group theories of subgroups to help explain the findings. Specifically, local members of semi-virtual teams report much(More)
EDI has been promoted as a technology which helps to reduce conflict and enhances collaboration and ‘partnership’ between trading organisations. Is this always the case? In what circumstances are organisations continuing to interact in adversarial ways, and for what reasons? To answer this question, we start by examining the development and application of(More)
Understanding women’s presence in ICT: intersecting issues throughout the lifecycle Cecilia Castaño and Juliet Webster A great deal of research and practical effort has been devoted to trying to achieve some kind of gender balance in ICT professions, apparently to little effect. Women still make up less than 20% of ICT professionals in most OECD countries,(More)
Nursing, as with health care delivery, is changing to meet the greater challenges brought about by managed care and the accompanying external forces in the marketplace. Nurses, with their vast resources of knowledge and experience, are crucial in achieving optimal quality care. Given the opportunity to redefine and strengthen the impact of nursing practice(More)
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