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Effect of Egg Washing and Correlation between Eggshell Characteristics and Egg Penetration by Various Salmonella Typhimurium Strains
Statistical analysis indicated that eggshell penetration by S. Typhimurium was related to various eggshell ultrastructural features such as cap quality, alignment, erosion, confluence, Type B bodies and cuticle cover.
Effect of production system and flock age on eggshell and egg internal quality measurements
Egg quality was measured in eggs from different flocks that were reared together and then allocated to different production systems and there was a significant main effect of production system on shell reflectivity, egg weight, and egg internal quality and significant effects of flock age on most measurements.
Total Body Water and Its Turnover in Free-Living Nestling Glaucous-Winged Gulls with a Comparison of Body Water and Water Flux in Avian Species with and without Salt Glands
Total body water (TBW) and its turnover were measured in free-living nestling glaucous-winged gulls Larus glaucescens to show that species with salt glands tended to have higher TBW and had significantly (P < .05) greater water flux than species lacking salt glands.
RNA-sequencing analysis of shell gland shows differences in gene expression profile at two time-points of eggshell formation in laying chickens
The findings in the current study improve the understanding of egg shell formation at the molecular level and provide a foundation for further studies of mRNA and possibly microRNA regulation involved in eggshell formation in the shell gland of laying hens.
Glomerular filtration rate and drinking rate in Japanese Quail, Coturnix coturnix japonica, in response to acclimation to saline water
Adult Japanese Quail drinking tap water were acclimated, in four equal weekly increments, to a drinking solution of 0.2 M NaCl. Body weights and drinking rates were recorded daily throughout the ac...
Renal function and plasma arginine vasotocin during an acute salt load in feral chickens
In this study, GFR, ERBF and ERPF increased at the same time as PAVT increased, whereas urine osmolality and potassium concentration decreased.
Downregulation of ALAS1 by nicarbazin treatment underlies the reduced synthesis of protoporphyrin IX in shell gland of laying hens
It is demonstrated that nicarbazin feeding down-regulated ALAS1 and reduced protoporphyrin IX (PP IX) in both shell gland and eggshell, indicating the role of nicarbAZin in inhibiting the synthesis of PP IX.
Effects of Water Deprivation on Renal Function and Plasma Arginine Vasotocin in the Feral Chicken, Gallus gallus (Phasianidae)
The sensitivity of release of AVT in the feral chicken is higher than that reported for domestic strains of chickens, which may be related to the ability of the feral strain to survive in regions of limited water availability.