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The present study was conducted to better understand the influence of the child-perpetrator relationship on responses to child sexual and physical trauma for a relatively large, ethnically diverse sample of children and youth presenting for clinical evaluation and treatment at child mental health centers across the United States. This referred sample(More)
Kindergarten children who viewed a series of 10 line drawings of objects subsequently showed little ability to distinguish between these pictures and their left-right mirror images. However, the children's memory for orientation improved substantially when children were induced to (a) give detailed verbal descriptions of the pictures, or (b) specify a(More)
3 studies examined the development of recognition memory for the left-right orientation of pictures of common objects. In study 1, 5-year-olds, 9-year-olds, and college students were shown 20 pictures of objects. Subsequently, they were tested on their ability to discriminate between 10 of these pictures and their left-right mirror images and between the(More)
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