Juliet K. James

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Homoploid hybrid speciation occurs through stabilization of a hybrid segregate (or segregates) isolated by premating and/or postmating barriers from parent taxa. Theory predicts that ecological and spatial isolation are of critical importance during homoploid hybrid speciation, and all confirmed homoploid hybrid species are ecologically isolated from their(More)
Senecio squalidus is a diploid hybrid species which originated in the British Isles following the introduction of material collected from a hybrid zone on Mount Etna, Sicily, approximately 300 years ago. Introduced hybrid material was cultivated in the Oxford Botanic Garden and gave rise to the stabilized diploid hybrid species, which later spread(More)
Many regional floras contain a high proportion of recently introduced plant species. Occasionally, hybridization between an introduced species and another species (introduced or native) can result in interspecific gene flow. This may occur even in instances where the F(1) hybrid shows very high sterility, but occasionally produces a few viable gametes. We(More)
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