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K urt Gödel (1906–1978), with his work on the constructible universe L, established the relative consistency of the Axiom of Choice and the Continuum Hypothesis. More broadly, he secured the cumulative hierarchy view of the universe of sets and ensured the ascendancy of first-order logic as the framework for set theory. Gödel thereby transformed set theory(More)
In this paper, I critically assess the enactive account of visual perception recently defended by Alva Noë (2004). I argue inter alia that the enactive account falsely identifies an object's apparent shape with its 2D perspectival shape; that it mistakenly assimilates visual shape perception and volumetric object recognition; and that it seriously(More)
Neuropsychological findings used to motivate the " two visual systems " hypothesis have been taken to endanger a pair of widely accepted claims about spatial representation in visual experience. The first is the claim that visual experience represents 3-D space around the perceiver using an egocentric frame of reference. The second is the claim that there(More)
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