Juliet Caviness

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The approach of an object corresponds with a spatiotemporal optical stimulus consisting of a symmetrical expansion of a closed contour in the field of view. The visual equivalent of impending collision was isolated and compared with its sequential inversion. Infant and adult rhesus monkeys manifested persistent avoidance responses to "looming" but not to(More)
Fyn is a Src-family tyrosine kinase that affects long term potentiation (LTP), synapse formation, and learning and memory. Fyn is also implicated in dendritic spine formation both in vitro and in vivo. However, whether Fyn's regulation of dendritic spine formation is brain-region specific and age-dependent is unknown. In the present study, we systematically(More)
Spinal cord tumors are relatively uncommon in children. These tumors have been associated with increased intracranial pressure in both children and adults. An infant presented initially with hydrocephalus and subsequently developed symptoms consistent with spinal cord abnormalities. Various proposed etiologies for increased intracranial pressure in spinal(More)
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