Juliet Berkeley

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A selective review of the literature reveals some methods and instruments that show promise for the investigation of social support as a factor in the course and treatment of schizophrenia. Approaches are divided into social-psychological questionnaires, anthropological network studies, ethnographies, and clinical epidemiological investigations. Social(More)
The latest rainfall results of the Florida Area Cumulus Experiment (FACE) are discussed after a review of the background, design, and early results of this experiment. Analysis without the benefit of data stratification and appropriate covariates of the 48 random experimentation days obtained through 1975 provided no evidence that dynamic seeding(More)
I describe a systematic method of planning primary medical services for Bhutan in the light of the needs of the community and coping with current problems which include an infant mortality rate of 153. Objectives were defined which included decentralizing decision taking as much as possible by establishing relatively independent health units consisting of a(More)
A street survey was conducted in Glasgow to find out the level of public knowledge of and attitudes to hospices generally and two local hospices. The level of knowledge was not high, though attitudes to hospices were positive. Those few respondents with unfavourable attitudes had little knowledge of hospices generally and knew little about the local(More)