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Structure-based discovery of an inhibitor of Arf activation by Sec7 domains through targeting of protein–protein complexes
Small molecules that produce nonfunctional protein–protein complexes are an alternative to competitive inhibitors for the inhibition of protein functions. Here we target the activation of the smallExpand
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PLIF: A rapid, accurate method to detect and quantitatively assess protein-lipid interactions
A fluorescence-based technique for detecting protein-lipid interactions may aid development of drugs that disrupt these regulatory interactions. Detecting lipid-protein partners with PLIFExpand
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Structure-based design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of novel inhibitors of human cyclophilin A.
Cyclophilin A is involved in many cellular processes, including protein folding and intracellular transports. Because cyclophilin A has been shown to interact with HIV-1 gag proteins and to enhanceExpand
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Identification of neuronal substrates implicates Pak5 in synaptic vesicle trafficking
Synaptic transmission is mediated by a complex set of molecular events that must be coordinated in time and space. While many proteins that function at the synapse have been identified, the signalingExpand
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