Julien Schockmel

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We present an experimental model system to study two-dimensional phase transitions. This system is composed of a monolayer of millimetric beads interacting through shor range magnetic dipole-dipole interactions. As the system is athermal, a mechanical agitation is used to produce an erratic motion of the beads. The two-dimensional melting scenario predicted(More)
We present a systematic experimental study of the confinement effect on the crystallization of a monolayer of magnetized beads. The particles are millimeter-scale grains interacting through the short range magnetic dipole-dipole potential induced by an external magnetic field. The grains are confined by repulsing walls and are homogeneously distributed(More)
We report experiments on soap film configurations in a triangular prism for which the shape factor can be changed continuously. Two stable configurations can be observed for a range of the shape factor h, being the prism-height/edge-length ratio. A hysteretic behavior is found, due to the occurrence of another local minima in the free energy. Contrary to a(More)
Athermal two-dimensional granular systems are exposed to external mechanical noise leading to Brownian-like motion. Using tunable repulsive interparticle interaction, it is shown that the same microstructure as that observed in colloidal suspensions can be quantitatively recovered at a macroscopic scale. To that end, experiments on granular and colloidal(More)
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