Julien Sarrazin

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The general objective of EXOCET/D is to develop, implement and test specific instruments aimed at exploring, describing, quantifying and monitoring biodiversity in deep-sea fragmented habitats as well as at identifying links between community structure and environmental dynamics. Inboard experimental devices will complement the approach, enabling(More)
Exergames have been proposed as a potential tool to improve the current practice of musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Inertial or optical motion capture sensors are commonly used to track the subject's movements. However, the use of these motion capture tools suffers from the lack of accuracy in estimating joint angles, which could lead to wrong data(More)
Serious games have been established as a complementary tool for conventional rehabilitation. This trend proved to be beneficial for both experts and patients since the first are able to assign and monitor virtual reality games for their patients to be executed at home, and the latter are greatly motivated by the challenges of these games rather than the(More)
—In the field of 60 GHz high data rate wireless and Body Area Networks communications, fast computation and accurate analytic models are required to predict the budget link. In this paper, an indoor off-body channel model restricted to TE polarization transmitters and receivers is studied numerically. Some channel properties are extracted and compared to(More)
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