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Commonsense Properties from Query Logs and Question Answering Forums
Quasimodo, a methodology and tool suite for distilling commonsense properties from non-standard web sources that focuses on salient properties that are typically associated with certain objects or concepts, is presented.
Equivalent Rewritings on Path Views with Binding Patterns
It is shown how queries can be rewritten into equivalent execution plans, which are guaranteed to deliver the same results as the query on all databases, and how this method can be used to answer queries on real-world Web services.
Inside Quasimodo: Exploring Construction and Usage of Commonsense Knowledge
A companion web portal is presented which allows to explore the data, to run and analyze the extraction pipeline live, and to inspect the usage of Quasimodo's knowledge in several downstream use cases.
Pyformlang: An Educational Library for Formal Language Manipulation
This tool paper introduces Pyformlang, a practical and pedagogical Python library for formal languages, which implements the most common algorithms of the domain, accessible by an easy-to-use interface.
Computing and Illustrating Query Rewritings on Path Views with Binding Patterns
This system demonstration investigates how to use views with binding patterns, which are a formalization of REST Web services, to answer a complex user query, by rewriting it as an execution plan, i.e., an orchestration of calls to the views.
Abstractive Text Summarisation with Neural Networks
ive Text Summarisation with Neural Networks
Query Rewriting On Path Views Without Integrity Constraints
This paper describes a class of plans that give practical guarantees about their result even if there are no integrity constraints and provides a characterisation of such plans and a complete and correct algorithm to enumerate them.