Julien Renault

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OBJECTIVE To assess the effects of low-frequency electric muscle stimulation associated with usual physiotherapy on functional outcome after total hip arthroplasty (THA) for hip osteoarthritis (OA) in elderly subjects. DESIGN Randomized controlled trial; pre- and posttreatment measurements. SETTING Hospital rehabilitation department. PARTICIPANTS(More)
Many studies have pointed out the relationships between immunity and depression, supporting a neuroimmune hypothesis of depressive disorders. However, despite the growing interest for such a hypothesis and the amount of clinical and experimental data available, the precise nature of this relationship between immunity and depression remains unclear. The(More)
Despite the many advantages offered by sociality in animals, one of its main drawbacks is the increased propensity to be exposed to parasites and pathogens. In infection (bacteria and viruses), one of the common symptoms used to describe an animal experiencing an acute inflammation is a "social disinterest". According to the literature, this reduction in(More)
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