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Entity linking has become a popular task in both natural language processing and semantic web communities. However, we find that the benchmark datasets for entity linking tasks do not accurately evaluate entity linking systems. In this paper, we aim to chart the strengths and weaknesses of current benchmark datasets and sketch a roadmap for the community to(More)
This paper describes the (#Microposts2016) Named Entity rEcognition and Linking (NEEL) Challenge, held as a track of the Making Sense of Microposts Workshop co-located with the World Wide Web conference (WWW’2016). The challenge task comprised automatic linking and classification of entities appearing in different event streams of English tweets.(More)
Numerous entity linking systems are addressing the entity recognition problem by using off-the-shelf NER systems. It is, however, a difficult task to select which specific model to use for these systems, since it requires to judge the level of similarity between the datasets which have been used to train models and the dataset at hand to be processed in(More)
The tasks of entity extraction, recognition, and linking are largely affected by the nature of the textual documents being analyzed. In fact, a lot of research efforts have focused on improving each task for both formal text (such as newswire documents) and for informal text (such as tweets). In this work, we propose a so-called hybrid approach that aims to(More)
In this paper, we present the 3cixty Knowledge Base, which collects and harmonizes descriptions of events, places, transportation facilities and user-generated data such as reviews of the city and Expo site of Milan. This knowledge base is used by a set of web and mobile applications to guide Expo Milano 2015 visitors in the city and in the exhibit,(More)
More and more knowledge bases are publicly available as linked data. Since these knowledge bases contain structured descriptions of real-world entities, they can be exploited by entity linking systems that anchor entity mentions from text to the most relevant resources describing those entities. In this paper, we investigate adaptation of the entity linking(More)
Planning a visit to Expo Milano 2015 or simply touring in Milan are activities that require a certain amount of a priori knowledge of the city. In this paper, we present the process of building such a comprehensive knowledge base, the 3cixty KB, that contains descriptions of events, places, transportation facilities and social activities, collected from(More)