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Understanding the way in which the immune system responds to infection is central to the development of vaccines and many diagnostics. To provide insight into this area, we fabricated a protein microarray containing 1,205 Burkholderia pseudomallei proteins, probed it with 88 melioidosis patient sera, and identified 170 reactive antigens. This subset of(More)
An alternative to affinity chromatography purification of proteins based on the use of a water-soluble biospecific polymer has been applied to the estrogen receptor from calf uterus. The receptor (4S-trypsin form) was bound to a dextran-estradiol conjugate (molecular weight approximately 500,000) and the complex was isolated by gel filtration. Highly(More)
How well can clustering methods capture a phonetic classification? Can the " appropriate " number of clusters be determined automatically? Which kinds of phonetical features group together naturally? How can clustering quality be measured? " To what extent is an automatic clustering method reliable in this case? This study tries to answer these questions(More)
During this year, the configuration of the ring has been defined (cell structure, periodicity, superperiodicity, length of the straight sections). A large number of operating points have been studied to reach, with a fair safety margin, the project's required performances. Special attention was paid to optimizing energy acceptance up to ± 4 %, leading to a(More)