Julien Nauroy

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Scientific communities worldwide have set up massive grids that manage several tens of thousands of CPUs and several PetaBytes of storage space. The control and maintenance of these complex systems remain a significant operational challenge. Application developers need synthetic characterizations of the grid activity and the grid applications for predicting(More)
The importance of energy saving in IT systems is so widely acknowledged that there is no need to detail it here, nor the explosion of related research. [1] pointed some fundamental limitations on the path of energy-efficiency improvements. • Energy consumption is a complex system. Manufacturers have created sophisticated HW/SW adaptive control dedicated to(More)
In March 2013, the W3C recommended SPARQL 1.1 to retrieve and manipulate decentralized RDF data. Real-world usage requires advanced features of SPARQL 1.1. recommendations As these are not consistently implemented, we propose a test framework named TFT (Tests for Triple stores) to test the interoperability of the SPARQL end-point of RDF database systems.(More)
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