Julien Montagner

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Patient records have been developed to support the physician-oriented medical activity scheme. One recommended yet rarely studied alternative, expected to improve healthcare, is the patient-centered record. We propose a development framework for such record, which includes domain-specific database models at the conceptual level, analyzing the fundamental(More)
When dealing with medical image management, there is a need to ensure information authenticity and dependability. Being able to verify the information belongs to the correct patient and is issued from the right source is a major concern. Verification can help to reduce the risk of errors when identifying documents in daily practice or when sending a(More)
Medical encoding support systems for diagnoses and medical procedures are an emerging technology that begins to play a key role in billing, reimbursement, and health policies decisions. A significant problem to exploit these systems is how to measure the appropriateness of any automatically generated list of codes, in terms of fitness for use, i.e. their(More)
In order to help clinicians with the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases, we provide a synthetic functional information located in relation with anatomical structures. The final image is processed by multimodal data fusion between SPECT and MR images. We propose a new method for the management of such multiresolution data, in which a geometrical model(More)
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