Julien Minet

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—We analyzed the effect of shallow thin layers on the estimation of soil surface water content using full-waveform inversion of off-ground ground penetrating radar (GPR) data. Strong dielectric contrasts are expected to occur under fast wetting or drying weather conditions, thereby leading to constructive and destructive interferences with respect to(More)
Full-waveform inversions were applied to retrieve surface , two-layered and continuous soil moisture profiles from ground penetrating radar (GPR) data acquired in an 11-ha agricultural field situated in the loess belt area in central Belgium. The radar system consisted of a vector network analyzer combined with an off-ground horn antenna operating in the(More)
— The main contribution of this paper is to develop an experimental platform in order to test some event-based control strategies. Contrary to the time-triggered fashion which calculates the control signal at each sampling time, an event-driven controller updates the control signal only when required. This theoretically allows to reduce the computational(More)
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