Julien Marot

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Circular features are commonly sought in digital image processing. The subspace-based line detection (SLIDE) method proposed to estimate the center and the radius of a single circle. In this paper, we introduce a novel method for estimating several radii while extending the circle estimation to retrieve circular-like distorted contours. Particularly, we(More)
A specific formalism for virtual signal generation permits to transpose an image processing problem to an array processing problem. The existing method for straight-line characterization relies on the estimation of orientations and offsets of expected lines. This estimation is performed thanks to a subspace-based algorithm called subspace-based line(More)
Distorted curves retrieval is faced for robotic way screening , particle trajectory characterization, aerial and satellite image analysis. This image processing problem has been transposed to an array processing problem by adopting specific conventions. Some solutions for wavefront distortions canceling have already been proposed. In this paper we aim at(More)
This work is devoted to the estimation of rectilinear and distorted contours in images by high-resolution methods. In the case of rectilinear contours, it has been shown that it is possible to transpose this image processing problem to an array processing problem. The existing straight line characterization method called subspace-based line detection(More)
Target detection is an important issue in the HyperSpectral Image (HSI) processing field. However, current spectral-identification-based target detection algorithms are sensitive to the noise and most denoising algorithms cannot preserve small targets, therefore it is necessary to design a robust detection algorithm that can preserve small targets. This(More)