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We present a model of human preattentive texture perception. This model consists of three stages: (1) convolution of the image with a bank of even-symmetric linear filters followed by half-wave rectification to give a set of responses modeling outputs of V1 simple cells, (2) inhibition, localized in space, within and among the neural-response profiles that(More)
Vision extracts useful information from images. Reconstructing the three-dimensional structure of our environment and recognizing the objects that populate it are among the most important functions of our visual system. Computer vision researchers study the computational principles of vision and aim at designing algorithms that reproduce these functions.(More)
completion elds: A neural model of illusory contour shape and salience. eferences 123 OPR78] R. Ohlander, K. Price, and D. R. Reddy. Picture segmentation using a recursive region splitting method. Sau92] E. Saund. Labeling of curvilinear structure across scales by token grouping. In CVPR, pages 257{263, 1992. SB93] S. Sarkar and K. L. Boyer. Perceptual(More)
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