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High power light emitting diode (LED) has gained more and more importance over the last decade as a long-life general illumination source. To ensure a long-lasting lifetime of the LED module, knowledge about critical failures has to be generated. However, it is extremely time consuming and complicated to assess the failure mechanisms and the reliability of(More)
The solid lighting industry comply with costumer's requirements of high light output and a higher grade of functionality, especially in the automotive sector. The integration of multiple LED-chips on one illuminant has the advantage of weight and size reduction. However, multiple LED-chips lead to increased power density; to get rid of their produced heat,(More)
This review of the literature includes 92 cases of hyperparathyroidism associated with pregnancy since 1930. Hyperparathyroidism is rare during pregnancy and often remains asymptomatic. Thus, a fetal death or an episode of neonatal tetany may reveal a maternal hyperparathyroidism. Determination of the calcium blood levels at the slighest maternal symptom,(More)
The rapid technological advancements and market demands in electronic sector requires application of highly accelerated, still practice relevant reliability assessment methods. At present, accelerated power and temperature cycling tests count as the state of the art for qualification of the devices. However due to physical characteristics of the devices,(More)
Electronic product manufacturers are constantly seeking efficient, cost-effective and trustworthy accelerated test (AT) methods to keep up with the today's market demands. At present, accelerated temperature cycling testing is viewed as the state of the art for reliability assessment of electronic products. Accelerated mechanical fatigue testing has been(More)