Christophe Hausswirth10
Jeanick Brisswalter7
François Bieuzen6
10Christophe Hausswirth
7Jeanick Brisswalter
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Enhanced recovery following physical activity and exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD) has become a priority for athletes. Consequently, a number of post-exercise recovery strategies are used, often without scientific evidence of their benefits. Within this framework, the purpose of this study was to test the efficacy of whole body cryotherapy (WBC), far(More)
  • Hervé Pournot, François Bieuzen, Julien Louis, Jean-Robert Fillard, Etienne Barbiche, Christophe Hausswirth
  • 2011
The objectives of the present investigation was to analyze the effect of two different recovery modalities on classical markers of exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD) and inflammation obtained after a simulated trail running race. Endurance trained males (n = 11) completed two experimental trials separated by 1 month in a randomized crossover design; one(More)
  • Christophe Hausswirth, Karine Schaal, Yann Le Meur, François Bieuzen, Jean-Robert Filliard, Marielle Volondat +1 other
  • 2013
The aim of this study was to compare the effects of a single whole-body cryostimulation (WBC) and a partial-body cryostimulation (PBC) (i.e., not exposing the head to cold) on indices of parasympathetic activity and blood catecholamines. Two groups of 15 participants were assigned either to a 3-min WBC or PBC session, while 10 participants constituted a(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the study was to investigate whether heart rate recovery (HRR) may represent an effective marker of functional overreaching (f-OR) in endurance athletes. METHODS AND RESULTS Thirty-one experienced male triathletes were tested (10 control and 21 overload subjects) before (Pre), and immediately after an overload training period (Mid) and(More)
We present a study on the use of audio-based cues to help overcome the well-known issue of <i>display blindness, i.e.</i> to help people become aware of situated interactive public displays. We used three different types of auditory cues based on suggestions from literature, namely <i>spoken message, auditory icon,</i> and <i>random melody</i>, and also(More)
We investigated the effects of a 3-week dietary periodization on immunity and sleep in triathletes. 21 triathletes were divided into two groups with different nutritional guidelines during a 3-week endurance training program including nine twice a day sessions with lowered (SL group) or maintained (CON group) glycogen availability during the overnight(More)
Recent research on whole-body cryotherapy has hypothesized a major responsibility of head cooling in the physiological changes classically reported after a cryostimulation session. The aim of this experiment was to verify this hypothesis by studying the influence of exposing the head to cold during whole-body cryostimulation sessions, on the thermal(More)