Julien Lorquet

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Due to their high filtration rates, exotic freshwater bivalves remove suspended organic matter from the water column, transferring resources to the sediment and increasing water clarity, which alters ecosystems. While there is a considerable amount of data on filtration rate of exotic bivalves, comparison between species is often invalid due to the(More)
Dreissena (Bivalvia: Dreissenidae) species can act as ecosystem engineers, physically altering freshwater ecosystems and changing benthic macro-invertebrate assemblages. The mussel beds they form can provide shelter and food for detritivorous species, whereas fouling can directly impact native bivalves. In this study, we examined the effects of the zebra(More)
In a two-dimensional space where a point particle interacts with a diatomic fragment, the action integral contour integral of p(theta) d theta (where theta is the angle between the fragment and the line of centers and p(theta) its conjugate momentum) is an adiabatic invariant. This invariance is thought to be a persistent dynamical constraint. Indeed, its(More)
A point charge interacting with a dipole (either induced or permanent) constitutes a completely integrable dynamical subsystem characterized by three first integrals of the motion (E, p(phi), and either l(2) or a Hamilton-Jacobi separation constant beta). An ion-molecule reaction (capture or fragmentation) can be seen as an interaction between such a(More)
For long-range electrostatic potentials and, more generally, when the topography of the potential energy surface is locally simple, the reaction path coordinate is adiabatically separable from the perpendicular degrees of freedom. For the ion-permanent dipole and ion-quadrupole interactions, the Poisson bracket of the adiabatic invariant decreases with the(More)
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