Julien Lesbegueries

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This paper presents the Virtual Itineraries in Pyrenees (PIV) project. Spatial and temporal unified models are proposed to give a formal representation to geographical information. The aim is to improve the access to local cultural and heritage document collections. The models take into account characteristics of heterogeneous human expression modes:(More)
Local cultural heritage document repositories are characterized by contents strongly attached to a territory (i.e. geographical references). The user must be able to consider such repositories according to a focus, which takes into account his/her geographical interests, and which allows one to access the relevant document’s contents from a geographical(More)
Natural Language 'schematizes' space; textual geographic information is usually a selection of certain aspects of a referent scene while neglecting others. Thus, an indexing process relying on such information obviously contains some degree of imprecision and uncertainty. The PIV prototype is a GIR system dedicated to geographic evocations tagging,(More)
Retrieving data based not only on key words is a challenge. We worked on semi-structured data (cultural heritage corpora). Our project aimed at getting the most relevant text-units of documents (sets of sentences, paragraphs, sections, etc.) according to a spatial query. This paper proposes a method to build summarized spatial indexes for text-units based(More)
Corpus resocialization can be achieved through digital revitalizing, i.e., making a corpus available for new users with new uses. We propose a semi-automatic identification of spatial and temporal markers that make up metadata for localized documents. Metadata is then exploited by concrete applications in environments for tourism and teaching.
RÉSUMÉ. Ce papier propose une approche d'Extraction d'Information (EI) et de Recherche d'Information (RI) spatiales dans le cadre de bibliothèques numériques liées au patrimoine culturel local. L'approche proposée (implémentée dans le prototype PIV) est construite autour d'une analyse sémantique de tels corpus et de requêtes écrites en texte libre. Nous(More)
In scalable and widely distributed Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) environments, supervision is necessary to ensure services are behaving as expected and to trigger the corrective actions when needed. More specically, when dealing with distributed and scalable Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), the control of services and their interactions must be(More)