Julien Legault

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We routinely employ cold Jores' fixative to improve color preservation of gross autopsy specimens for conferences and teaching and to facilitate development of a photographic teaching collection of gross pathological specimens. The fixed specimens also permit light microscopic examination. Additionally, we have found that color restoration of previously(More)
Vibro-acoustic analysis of complex systems at higher frequencies faces two challenges: how to compute the response without using an excessive number of degrees of freedom (DOFs), and how to quantify the uncertainty of the response due to small spatial variations in geometry, material properties, and boundary conditions, which have a wave scattering effect?(More)
This paper investigates the transmission loss of symmetric and asymmetric laminate composite panels periodically reinforced by composite stiffeners. A comprehensive model based on periodic structure theory is developed. First order shear deformation theory is used and the coupling of the in-plane motion of the panel with its out-of-plane motion is taken(More)
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