Julien Lefèbvre

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Polysaccharide microarrays have great potential for the high-throughput analysis of polysaccharide-protein interactions. Here we demonstrate that a polysaccharide microarray prepared by printing a library of dextran polymers derivatized by methylcarboxylate, benzylamide, and sulfate groups (DMCBSu compounds) on to glass slides permitted the rapid(More)
c Sa Majesté la Reine (en droit du Canada), telle que représentée par le ministre de la Défense nationale, 2007 Abstract In this work, we present a fuzzy systems approach for assessing the relative risk associated with computer network assets. We use this approach to rank vulnerabilities so that analysts can prioritise their work based on the potential risk(More)
We present the OCamIL compiler for Objective Caml that targets .NET. Our goal is to understand whether this new generation of virtual machines and runtime environment can help us compile ML programs and produce executables of reasonable efficiency. We aim at compatibility with the original language, and its advanced programming features (functional values,(More)
In this paper, we suggest a methodological framework addressing the System on Chip top-level validation. Our systematic approach works on a powerful abstraction of IP blocks called transactional model. We state the transactional modeling " philosophy " , its benefits, and its limitations. The methodology is illustrated step by step on a simplified example.(More)
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