Julien Lam

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Pulsed laser ablation has proved its reliability for the synthesis of nano-particles and nano-structured materials, including metastable phases and complex stoichiometries. The possible nucleation of the nanoparticles in the gas phase and their growth has been little investigated, due to the difficulty of following the gas composition as well as the(More)
A predictive model for nanoparticle nucleation has not yet been successfully achieved. Classical nucleation theory fails because the atomistic nature of the seed has to be considered. Indeed, geometrical structure as well as stoichiometry do not always match the bulk values. We present a fully microscopic approach based on a first-principle study of(More)
Carbon-based materials are of great technological and scientific interest in materials science. Pulsed laser ablation in liquids (PLAL) is extensively used as a method to produce nanoparticles including nanodiamond and related materials. In this feature article, we will review the use of PLAL to tackle the challenges of synthesizing carbon-based(More)
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