Julien Korecki

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We investigate the dynamical properties of the non-heme iron (NHFe) in His-tagged photosynthetic bacterial reaction centers (RCs) isolated from Rhodobacter (Rb.) sphaeroides. Mössbauer spectroscopy and nuclear inelastic scattering of synchrotron radiation (NIS) were applied to monitor the arrangement and flexibility of the NHFe binding site. In His-tagged(More)
Non-heme iron is a conservative component of type II photosynthetic reaction centers of unknown function. We found that in the reaction center from Rba. sphaeroides it exists in two forms, high and low spin ferrous states, whereas in Rsp. rubrum mostly in a low spin state, in line with our earlier finding of its low spin state in the algal photosystem II(More)
We studied the effect of densification on the vibrational dynamics of a Na(2)FeSi(3)O(8) glass. The density of vibrational states (DOS) has been measured using nuclear inelastic scattering. The corresponding changes in the microscopic, intermediate-range, and macroscopic properties have also been investigated. The results reveal that, in the absence of(More)
We have observed a strong (2%) angular modulation of the total backscattered conversion electron yield, measured as a function of the incidence angle of the 14.4 keV g rays from a 57Co Mössbauer source irradiating thin epitaxial 57Fe film grown on MgO(001). The measured 2D pattern is the first hologram of the local surrounding of the absorbing nuclei(More)
This paper presents multiphase permanent magnet machines with concentrated non-overlapped winding as a good candidate for automotive low voltage mild-hybrid applications. These machines often require a trade-off between low speed performances such as high torque density and high speed performances like flux weakening capabilities. This paper describes how(More)
A new technique for high fidelity three-dimensional imaging of atomic structure with gamma-ray holography is demonstrated. A complex hologram was constructed from holograms recorded for different values of the nuclear scattering amplitude on both sides of the (57)Fe Mössbauer resonance. The holographic reconstruction was applied to this complex hologram(More)
Complex gamma-ray holograms were recorded by tuning to the nuclear absorption lines of 57Fe in magnetite corresponding to different hyperfine fields. The numerical reconstruction of the holograms to real space provided three-dimensional images of local iron arrangements in octahedral and tetrahedral sublattices of magnetite. This direct site-selective(More)
This paper investigates the influence of the rotor structure on torque and flux weakening region of V-shape IPM (interior permanent magnet) machine from TOYOTA PRIUS type, more specifically, keeping always the same magnet volume, the effect of the open angle between the two magnet segments of each V-shape pole on the machine performance is studied.(More)
The spatially oscillating electron spin polarization in the Ag spacer of a 4 nm Fe/20 nmAg/4 nm Fe(001) epitaxial trilayer has been determined by means of low energy muon spin rotation. It oscillates with the same period as the interlayer exchange coupling, but shows a much weaker attenuation at large distances x from the interface. The measured(More)