Julien Haumesser

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The preparation of porphyrins functionalized with one or two carbazoles (or phenoxazines) is described. The electron donors were introduced into one or two porphyrin meso positions by using the inexpensive Ullmann coupling procedure. Very good yields were obtained, and for two new compounds, the X-ray structures were solved. Preliminary electrochemical data(More)
The preparation of two meso-imidazolylporphyrins was achieved in good yield by Ullmann coupling between a meso-bromotriarylporphyrin and imidazoles. Subsequent alkylation afforded the corresponding imidazolium functionalized porphyrins as direct precursors of the carbene. The complexation of these azolium salts with palladium led to trans-anti bis-porphyrin(More)
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