Julien Gaulmin

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This paper introduces a novel non-Separable sPAtioteMporal filter (non-SPAM) which enables the spatiotemporal decomposition of a still-image. The construction of this filter is inspired by the model of the retina which is able to selectively transmit information to the brain. The non-SPAM filter mimics the retinal-way to extract necessary information for a(More)
The growing interest of event-based systems has influenced image processing field and is expected to be a groundbreaking architecture for image and video compression. The human visual system is an efficient event-based biological system which is a source of inspiration to design an event-based codec. This paper introduces a bio-inspired encoding(More)
This paper introduces a novel retinal-inspired filter which is applied on video streams. We mathematically prove that under specific assumptions the spatiotemporal convolution turns into a spatial convolution with a short lifespan temporal kernel. As a consequence, the filter is applied on each image of the video stream separately. We analyze how each image(More)
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