Julien Gaffuri

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real world problems can be defined as optimisation problems in which the aim is to maximise an objective function. The quality of obtained solution is directly linked to the pertinence of the used objective function. However, designing such function, which has to translate the user needs, is usually fastidious. In this paper, a method to help user objective(More)
La simulation des évolutions des villes suppose une certaine compréhension et une modélisa-tion des lois qui gouvernent les dynamiques ur-baines. L'approche présentée dans ce papier utilise un système multi-agent pour modéliser les propriétés auto-organisatrices des systèmes complexes urbains et vise à fournir un outil per-mettant d'étudier les évolutions(More)
Automated generalisation has known important improvements these last few years. However, an issue that still deserves more study concerns the automatic evaluation of generalised data. Indeed, many automated generalisation systems require the utilisation of an evaluation function to automatically assess generalisation outcomes. In this paper, we propose a(More)