Julien G Colle

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Azacitidine is a mainstay for treating hematological disorders. Azacitidine is metabolized by cytidine deaminase, coded by a highly polymorphic gene. Here, we present two elderly patients with opposite clinical outcomes after azacitidine treatment. First, an acute myeloid leukemia patient showed life-threatening toxicities, but outstanding complete(More)
Natural killer cells (NK) are pivotal cells of innate immunity. They are potent antileukemic cytotoxic effectors. A defect in their cytotoxicity has been described in some hematopoietic malignancies such as acute myeloid leukemia, multiple myeloma and myelodysplastic syndromes. This defect is at least partially linked to a decreased or absent expression of(More)
We report the case of a patient bearing a T315I-mutant chronic myeloid leukemia resistant to nilotinib, successfully treated with omacetaxine and then with dasatinib. After 9 months of nilotinib, the patient achieved a major molecular response but relapsed 3 months later due to the T315I mutation. Because third-generation tyrosine kinase inhibitor was not(More)
Background Sepsis affects over 26 million people worldwide each year resulting in a death every 3 to 4 seconds [1]. For every hour that antibiotics are delayed after the first episode of hypotension, there is a 7.6 % increase in the risk of mortality [2]. Thus, international sepsis guidelines recommend the administration of broad spectrum antimicrobial(More)
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