Julien Freitag

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Studies from our laboratory have shown that the metabolic clearance rate of carboxy terminal immunoreactive parathyroid hormone (i-PTH) can be accounted for by extraction of i-PTH by liver and kidney. In contrast, there was no demonstrable hepatic uptake of the synthetic amino terminal bovine PTH fragment (syn b-PTH 1-34) and the kidney accounted for only(More)
Hypocalcemia during magnesium (Mg) depletion has been well described, but the precise mechanism(s) responsible for its occurrence is not yet fully understood. The hypocalcemia has been ascribed to decreased parathyroid hormone (PTH) secretion as well as skeletal resistance to PTH. Whereas the former is well established, controversy exists as to whether or(More)
Current evidence suggests that parathyroid gland adenylate cyclase is involved in the control of parathyroid hormone (PTH) secretion. Thus, the altered control of PTH release in hyperparathyroidism may relate to altered adenylate cyclase activation. Therefore, we examined adenylate cyclase kinetics in membrane preparations from hyperfunctioning human(More)
Azelastine is a novel antiallergy medication currently under investigation for the treatment of allergic rhinitis and asthma. Pharmacologic studies in laboratory animals and in vitro model systems indicate that azelastine exerts multiple actions including modulation of airways smooth muscle response, interference with inflammatory processes, and inhibition(More)
In 1095 patients 2770 brain supplying arteries have been studied by i.a.-DSA. Definitive neurological deficits occurred in 0.09%, transient deficits were observed in 0.45%. The reduced complication rate in comparison to former studies seems to be a continued effect of technical progress (DSA) and the use of new isoosmotic contrast media. In order to reduce(More)