Julien Faccini

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Computer storage of data from toxicology, biochemistry, haematology and pathology has been found necessary in our Laboratory in order to handle the vast amount of information generated by animal toxicology studies. The value of the system to pathology is enormous and its potential has not been exhausted. All finding, from organ weights and macroscopic(More)
Mice were housed 1, 2, 4, or 8 per cage for 18 months. The more densely housed groups showed markedly reduced food consumption, slightly decreased mean body weights, and a smaller variance of body weights. Tumour incidence was not affected, but gastritis was more prevalent in the more densely housed groups.
The quantity of bone and osteoid has been measured in undecalcified sections of iliac-crest biopsy specimens taken from patients with fracture of the femoral neck. A control group of bone samples was obtained from post-mortem material. The 'Quantimet 720' image-analysing computer system was used to measure the area of bone and osteoid. An eye-piece(More)
Mitophagy is a critical cellular process that selectively targets damaged mitochondria for autophagosomal degradation both under baseline conditions and in response to stress preventing oxidative damage and cell death. Recent studies have linked alterations in mitochondria function and reduced autophagy with the development of age-related pathologies.(More)
An evaluation was made of the different protocols recommended by the Association Française de Normalisation (AFNOR) for assessing the sensitizing potential of chemicals in the guinea-pig. The methods studied were those of Magnusson & Kligman (J. invest. Derm. 1969, 52, 268), Maguire (J. Soc. cosmet. Chem. 1973, 24, 151), Maurer et al. (Agents & Actions(More)