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Recent studies have demonstrated the importance of protecting the hardware implementations of cryptographic functions against side channel and fault attacks. In last years, very efficient implementations of modular arithmetic have been done in RNS (RSA, ECC, pairings) as well on FPGA as on GPU. Thus the protection of RNS Montgomery modular multiplication is(More)
as part of the OptiEnR research project, the present paper deals with outdoor temperature and thermal power consumption forecasting. This project focuses on optimizing the functioning of a multi-energy district boiler (La Rochelle, west coast of France), adding to the plant a thermal storage unit and implementing a model-based predictive controller. The(More)
At Dakar General Hospital between 1984 and 1989, 402 men and 198 women aged between 7 and 82 years were examined by laparoscopy. This simple, rapid examination, well tolerated after simple premedication, should only be undertaken after complete diffusion of the pneumoperitoneum because of a major perforation risk: 2 deaths unfortunately occurred during the(More)
600 laparoscopic examinations were performed in an Internal Medicine Department of the general Hospital Dakar (Senegal) from 1984 to 1989 in 402 males and 198 females aged from 7 to 82 years. This examination of simple and quick procedure well tolerated under simple premedication, should be performed only after diffusion of the pneumoperitoneum, per-(More)
both indoor temperature regulation and energy resources management in buildings require the design and the implementation of efficient and readily adaptable control schemes. One can use standard schemes, such as "on/off" and PID, or "advanced" schemes, such as MPC (Model Predictive Control). Another approach would be considering artificial intelligence(More)
The present work focuses on investigating ways to enhance the energetic performance of buildings i.e. on proposing control strategies for managing energy in buildings. Therefore, control algorithms were tested using a prototype, composed of a building mock-up, a monitoring system and a data post-treatment software. The data acquisition system allows(More)
—Residue Number Systems (RNS) are naturally considered as an interesting candidate to provide efficient arithmetic for implementations of cryptosystems such as RSA, ECC (El-liptic Curve Cryptography), pairings, etc. More recently, RNS have been used to accelerate fully homomorphic encryption as lattice-based cryptogaphy. In this paper, we present an RNS(More)
Lattice based cryptography is claimed as a serious candidate for post quantum cryptography, it recently became an essential tool of modern cryptography. Nevertheless, if lattice based cryptography has made theoretical progresses, its chances to be adopted in practice are still low due to the cost of the computation. If some approaches like RSA and ECC have(More)