Julien Etienne

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The BioJournalMonitor is a decision support system for the analysis of trends and topics in the biomedical literature. Its main goal is to identify potential diagnostic and therapeutic biomarkers for specific diseases. Several data sources are continuously integrated to provide the user with up-to-date information on current research in this field.(More)
Motivation: In the field of bioinformatics there is an emerging need to integrate all knowledge discovery steps into a standardized modular framework. Indeed, component-based development can significantly enhance reusability and productivity for short timeline projects with a small team. We present Interactive Knowledge Discovery and Data mining(More)
The biological properties of several different perfume components have been investigated. It has been demonstrated, through appropriate test methods, that essential oils, absolutes and even compounds show significant (anti/pro)-radical, (anti/pro)-elastasic and (anti/pro)-tyrosinasic activities. These unexpected properties open up new opportunities for the(More)
Synopsis Introducing concentrated solutions of preservatives (CSP) provides a methodology both for the use of preservative systems and for their routine control in cosmetic products. From some typical examples, characteristics of such CSP are described and it is shown how the accurate determination of every component present in the initial liquid blend(More)
Detecting non-compliant behaviors is an important step in the enforcement of regulations. The literature on the subject is vast yet also narrow in its approach, in the sense that it has built on the assumption that regulators would always want to maximize information quantity and quality, while acting under two fundamental constraints: the regulator’s(More)
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