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Nowadays, companies are suffering changes in the way they deal with their inventories and their whole supply chain management. New technologies are emerging to help them adapt to the changes and keep a competitive status, but the adoption of such technologies is not always easy. Even though a lot of research has been done for RFID, there are still some(More)
INTRODUCTION Breast asymmetry is defined by a difference in breast shape and/or volume. The goal of this study was to assess the stability of the surgical results and to highlight predictive factors for deterioration in results. MATERIALS AND METHODS This retrospective and monocentric study included all patients presenting constitutional isolated(More)
Prominent ears can have a significant psychological impact especially in children. It is often the subject of negative remarks among classmates. Prominent ears are the result of one or more congenital anomalies that may be associated together in various degrees. Absence of antihelical fold, opening the cephalo-conchal angle and conchal hypertrophy are the(More)
Tuberous breast deformity is a congenital breast anomaly with different clinical signs. The most consistent sign is the constricting ring at the base of the breast. There is deficiency in the horizontal and/or vertical dimensions of the breast and often herniation of breast parenchyma toward the nipple-areola complex with areola enlargement. Breast(More)
INTRODUCTION The management of patients with weight loss sequelae, sometimes major, is increasingly well standardized. However, this surgery is not without risk. Complications of bodylift are more frequent than those of conventional abdominoplasties. The objective of this study was to evaluate the morbidity associated with this surgery through a(More)
Medaillon-like dermal dendrocyte hamartomas are rare congenital cutaneous lesions. They are present at birth as asymptomatic, benign, round, erythematous, well-circumscribed, atrophic patches. Typically, they have characteristic pliable, wrinkled surface; subtle telangiectases may also be appreciated. They are localized on the upper trunk or the neck. They(More)
The subcutaneous diffusion of intravenous drips, or extravasation, is a frequent iatrogenic complication in children, mainly in the neonatal period. This potentially severe pathology can lead to local ischemia that sometimes mimics compartment syndrome. It can also evolve towards vast soft-tissue necrosis. Nursing staff often underestimate the risk of(More)
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